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About Us

Our story

During 2020 when the world came to a standstill due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we had to change the way we made the most of the outdoors and took daily exercise. Our planned beach holidays were replaced by short getaways whenever there was a safe window, and the gym was replaced by outdoor runs and hikes. 


This was great during the summer months which seemed to go on forever. When winter arrived, things were a little different, with month after month of rain drenched boggy walks. We found ourselves with all sorts of waterproof gear to keep ourselves and our kit dry. Some things were better quality and more effective than others. 

New year 

As 2021 rolled in and there was hope of returning to something like normality, we started to examine what was important in life. With all of the bad parts of the previous year we were lucky enough to have taken some positives as well. We had both spent a year working from home, and while this was challenging at times, it was great to have more family time, less time sat in traffic and a more sustainable work life balance. 

The future 

We also considered how things could have been different. If one or both of us had been in the position lots of people found themselves in with no income. So, we started to look for ways that we could combine some of the things we had learned and experienced from the last year, and our professional backgrounds in adventure challenge events, marketing and eCommerce, with some of the things we wanted to take forward into our future. 

Our vision 

Jackson & Cole was born in early 2021 (although originally with a different name!). The vision is to provide a range of quality products, for year-round use, that keep your gear dry and protected, whatever the weather.